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For the bride looking to have a gown designed exclusively for her, fabrics play an enormous part in the final cost of the gown. The amount of fabric required is another major factor. A full skirt with a cathedral train takes twice the amount of fabric compared to an A line with a slight sweep train. If you choose an Italian imported silk, the fabric cost alone between these two could be a difference of $1000.00 or more. However, CKD carries lots of quality fabrics at more reasonable prices. Our standard labor rate is 75.00 hour. With this in mind, you can expect to pay the following minimums if you choose to have CKD create your dream dress:
• Labor - $2000.00 base, increases occur for bias cut, lace work, beadwork and detailed embellishments, built in foundation with boning, built in petticoating and multi layers
• Fabrics and supplies to finish an A line single layer gown - $400.00 and up
Minimum Gown Price Starts at $2500.00

   Average gown price with boned foundation at $3300.00

For the bride looking for alterations on her purchased gown Carole offers a complimentary consultation for a firm estimate on work to be done and costs involved. Our standard rate for alterations labor is 65.00 hour. You can expect to pay the following minimums if you choose to have CKD do the work:
• Bustle - $125.00 and up
• Hemming - $200.00 and up
• Final Gown Pressing - $125.00 and up
• Redesign a Neckline - $100.00 and up
• Take in Bodice at Side Seams - $100.00 and up
• Take in Bodice to shape bust area (bust cup adjustment) - $175.00 and up (with boning and lace - $260.00)
If your gown is multi layered, has boning or lace or beadwork, the above prices will increase.

Each piece created at CKD is priced individually. Our standard labor rate is 75.00 hour. Fabric type, seam finishing, and detail work are all factors affecting the final price of a garment. Remember too that the fabric you choose greatly affects the final price. Silk basics start at $29.00 per yard, but designer fabrics usually start between $79.00 and $95.00 per yard and go up from there. However, you can expect to pay the following minimums for labor on these basic pieces:
• Lined Skirts or Pants - $900.00 and up
• Suit Jackets - $1250.00 and up
• Cocktail Dress - $1850.00 and up

At CKD, we are not an Alteration House per say, however, we do accommodate regular couture clientele with the occasional hem. We are more about modifying a garment that needs more serious attention. Updating a suit to be more fashionable can vary from piece to piece. Our standard rate for labor is 68.00 hour. Generally on a suit, you can expect to pay the following minimums:
• Reworking the shoulder area - $170.00 and up
• Shortening the back waist length - $130.00 and up
• Dropping the arm holes and resetting the sleeves - $102.00 and up
• Shortening a jacket - $170.00 and up

We hope this information is helpful and encourage you to call for a complimentary consultation or contact us for a brochure.