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At Carole Kenney Design, because each gown is custom made, this portfolio is a reflection of Individual Personality and Personal Style. Each gown created truly reflects the Bride walking down the aisle in it.

Many factors play a part in the design process. Foremost is the Bride's Desire or Vision for her "Dream Dress". It is not unusual for her to have as many as 10 "Looks" competing for this special place. This is where Carole's design ability not only becomes important but becomes the answer...

Looking at her ideas and style, as well as body type, when and where the wedding will take place, the overall feeling of the day and the budget are a few of the critical aspects of creating a gown that truly enhances each particular Bride.

Having spent 20 Years honing her skills to attain the "perfect bodice"- a fully boned and supportive foundation that is only obvious to those witnessing the construction process, it is always a thrill to design a new look that has a serious core behind it that no one can see. Be sure to peruse "The Fitting" an in depth pictorial of a gown from start to finish.

Carole Kenney Design proudly presents its Bridal Courture Portfolio...


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