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Original fur went from boxy and big with dolman sleeves to an updated vest with leather panels!Remodel & Alterations

Remodel and Alteration at CKD is mostly about taking something not quite right and turning into something that makes you feel good when you wear it. If it is a piece not worth toying with, you can rest assured that Carole will impart this, perhaps giving you ideas on other pieces to incorporate to help make this outfit work. Finding the solution to the problem is critical and Carole would never just put a bandaid on a wavy seam or puckering dart.

Carole's fashion views are current and fresh,

and she frequently updates wardrobes to be more fashion savvy. The dress you love from 10 years ago that is too short? Carole has ideas on how to give it length and style all at the same time! And she has fabric options to show you on hand. No more shopping stores for samples and hoping you hit on something, at CKD ideas are backed by visuals. One meeting with Carole and you know she is not only competent but talented as well.

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