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Remodel & Alterations

Sometimes your perfect dress is not quite so can be as simple as it is just too long...and you know someone out there can fix it. At Carole Kenney Design we can do this andmore. Sometimes your perfect dress arrives and it is not quite what you thought, it needs wish the neckline wasn't quite so round or the bust quite so pointy, Carole's creativity, knowledge and talent are unmatched when it comes to finding the solution to rectify the problem. see samples of remodels


Perhaps you are planning to wear your Mothers or Grandmothers gown...Carole classifies the time she spends helping these clients as one of the most special. Something about the sentiment strikes a cord and you can rest assured that you are in the hands of someone who can appreciate the ties that bind. Carole works with a unique cleaner and restorer who can most likely take the stains made 50 years ago and make them seem like they were never there. Her expertise is world renowned, having cleaned a gown for Princess Diana as well as museum pieces from across the globe.

Whether it is just a simple alteration or one you know is complex, Carole's dedication to her craft will give you the result you are hoping for and more.